19.11.2014 Terminator Genisys

We are still working on the layout of this mainpage, but we could NOT wait te present you (one of) the first official pictures of the upcoming Terminator movie, Terminator Genisys. What do you think of it?

Here you can find all the availablie info about Scott Adkins, such as his Biography, his movie career, pictures and so on...  
Van Damme means VanDammage: From this page on you will discover the world of VanDammage, from his first victim and his most brutal actions, to an overview of all his moviekills.  
Here you can find some other info about Van Damme such as his Biography, Pictures, his movies, but also some Schwarzenegger content.  
Gives you a quick overview of all the site updates in the past.  
Contact info with the webmasters of FanDamme.net, links to related sites, and some information about the history of FanDamme.net.  
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