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21.05.2015. In “Pound of Flesh,” Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Deacon, an ex-military specialist who is on his way to the Philippines to see his brother George (John Ralston). Apparently, George’s young daughter Isabella (Adele Baughan), has a rare genetic disease that attacks the kidney and Deacon is the only viable match in their family so he agrees to meet them whereby he will donate one of his kidneys to Isabella. He arrives the day before the operation and that night, he meets the beautiful but mysterious Ana (Charlotte Peters) and after spending the night together, he wakes up the next morning in his bath tub and realizes that one of his kidneys has been stolen.
Great start Wolf Warrior

08.04.2015.  Chinese-made war action film “Wolf Warrior” topped the Chinese box office over the weekend with a strong opening of $32.5 million. Many war films have had a tough time at the Chinese box office in recent years, but “Wolf Warrior” (aka “War Warrior”), which features a very Western plot about a special forces soldier who is forced out of the army and goes on to set up his own group of insurgents, had a strong debut. Its success may have been helped by the huge recent performance of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain,” which reached over $150 million. The presence of martial arts ace Wu Jing and Scott Adkins in action roles also likely helped.
Scott Adkins T Shirts

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21.03.2015. Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife is leaving the action star for a second time after ending their first marriage in 1992. They has already been to divorce court once before. And now they will be doing so for the second time. Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife Gladys filed for divorce on Wednesday, according to TMZ, after separating on March 7, 2015. They had been married for 15 years. The actor, 54, and his wife, 57, were first married from 1987 to 1992. Gladys cited irreconcilable differences and she is asking for spousal support. She has also asked to no longer have his last name. Jean-Claude's real last name is Van Varenberg. They have two adult children.